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Whether you’re a beginner, deciphering the difference between vrksasana (tree) and sirshasana (heads advanced yogi who can put both feet behind their head, the Jivamukti Open class welcomes you, as it practitioners of all levels.

You work at your own pace, following the teacher’s verbal as well as hands-on guidance. Asana options will be provided for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. A typical Open class incorporates the five tenets of Jivamukti Yoga: shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsa (kindness), nada (music) and dhyana (meditation) by presenting classical yoga teachings as relevant to one’s life on and off the mat, drawn from the Focus of the Month essay, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. All Open classes include 14 points: asanas, meditation and spiritual teachings- in a sequence creatively designed by the teacher. The class is called »Open« because it is open and suitable to all levels of practitioner. Even so, beginning level students should know that there will not be much detailed »how to do« descriptions; for that a student is advised to attend a Basic class.


Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior classes are designed for busy people who only have an hour to practice. The class is fast paced and invigorating and is certainly a »get-in-shape« class.

The structure is a fixed set sequence instructed in a vinyasa style. It is a fully balanced class which includes asana warm-up, chanting, setting of intention, surya namaskar, standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists, inversions, meditation and relaxation. The teacher focuses on keeping the pace moving and does not stop to give spiritual discourses. Since the asana sequence is always the same, a student will pick it up quite quickly after only a couple of classes. In many Jivamukti Yoga Centers this class is also offered as the International Spiritual Warrior class, which is taught in languages other than the national language of the country while maintaining standard Sanskrit terminology, making it a wonderful language immersion experience. You could actually learn another language by taking this class regularly. Many yoga teachers find that they learn essential key terms in other languages to enable them to teach yoga in foreign countries. Spiritual Warrior and International Spiritual Warrior Classes are best for intermediate and advanced students, although beginners as well as anyone with a sense of adventure are welcome! Spiritual Warrior classes are one hour in length.


Each Jivamukti Basic class is part of a four-week fundamentals course that explores a different theme each week.

Week one: standing asanas; week two: forward bending asanas; week three: backward bending asanas; week four: inversions, meditation and »putting it all together.« Whereas in the Beginner Vinyasa and Open class vinyasa is emphasized, in the Basic class alignment is the emphasis. Students are taught »how to do« asanas as well as the use of props. The Basic Class provides the underlying structure to help a student be able to eventually enter into an Open class intelligently and safely. Beginners are encouraged to take all four weeks of the Basic course. Intermediate and advanced students will also benefit from exploring the alignment essentials presented in these classes. It is advisable that a student register for the full 4 week program starting with week one, but a student can also drop into any class at any time during the month and can also take as many classes as they want each week. This class is suitable for beginners, but open to all levels of practitioner.


The level of our Medium class is between Jivamukti Basic and Jivamukti Open. It is taught in the Jivamukti style and is perfect transition from Jivamukti Basic to Jivamukti Open.

It is also Ideal for those who already attend open classes and would like to spend more time breaking down asanas (postures) and refining their practice. There will be slightly more attention to detail than in an open class, with a strong emphasis on balancing, inversions and unlocking the secrets to more ‘advanced’ postures. With the use of wall and prop work, this is a great class to empower, connect, and challenge you. You’ll always leave feeling elevated and that you’ve surpassed your personal limitations. Similar to the Jivamukti Basic classes, each week focuses on a different theme and rotates on a four week curriculum.


The Jivamukti In-Class Private.
Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one—one teacher teaching one student at a time. In modern times, yoga is more often taught in group classes.

The Jivamukti Yoga In-Class Private (or ICP) is a unique way to experience both methods of teaching: the student and his or her private certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher together attend a regular group class. From beginning to end, the student practices with the hands on assists of their private teacher, who safely guides them through every minute of the class insuring correct alignment in all asanas as well as deep understanding of all other components of the class (e.g., breathing practices, chanting, etc.). ICPs always conclude with a special deep relaxation yoga massage in shavasana. This is the ultimate yoga class experience. An ICP can be adapted to and given in almost any Jivamukti Yoga class. The most popular class in which to receive an ICP is the Open class.


This slow moving, deep exploratory class provides the student with the underlying basics of how a vinyasa practice works. Vinyasa is a method of practicing asana (physical poses), where the asanas are presented in a sequence, flowing one to the next.

The practice focuses on aligning one’s breath and spiritual intention with movement. The class follows a set sequence of asanas but is presented at a slower, more relaxed pace than in the Spiritual Warrior class. There is only minimal focus on basic alignment, the main emphasis being on breathing while holding asanas as well as on transitioning into and out of asanas gracefully and safely. Beginner Vinyasa classes provide a good transition for a beginner student from Basic classes to the Spiritual Warrior or Open classes and provide an opportunity for a more advanced student to refine their skills through a more detailed exploration of the asanas presented and how they can flow together seamlessly by means of steady paced ujjayi breathing. This class is suitable for beginners, but open to all levels of practitioner.


Yin is a slow paced form of yoga in which poses can be held anywhere between three and five minutes. It is specifically designed to nourish the joints and connective tissues like ligaments, fascia and tendons.

This class is suitable for all levels of yoga practice, in which you can expect options and modifications to accommodate all body types. You may start your yin journey with physical objectives of increasing your range of motion and developing greater flexibility, but somewhere along the way you might also discover the subtler, deeper qualities of yin as they relate to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

SENIOR (in luxembourgish)

Senior Yoga is suitable for people of all ages, but can be especially helpful for seniors. Gentle movement and stretching through beginners yoga poses can reduce swelling in joints while increasing joint mobility and improves balance which helps in reducing falls.

Senior Yoga improves cardiovascular health, aids digestion and elimination, improves sleep and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.


Sat is “truth” and Ang is “limb” or “attachment.” Satsang is a gathering of like minded individuals who are interested in exploring “what is truth?” or “what is true?” from the Yogic perspective and teachings.

In Satsang we will meditate, chant and discuss thoughts and ideas around yogic topics.


A slow mindful yoga flow, with lots of attention to the sense of the body moving through space, what touches the floor and the breath. Includes Sun Salutations, a gentle balancing flow and some calming hip openers at the end.

The mind will be calm and steady and the body strong.