Medium Class

The level of our Medium class is between Jivamukti Basic and Jivamukti Open.

It is taught in the Jivamukti style and is perfect transition from Jivamukti Basic to Jivamukti Open.

It is also Ideal for those who already attend open classes and would like to spend more time breaking down asanas (postures) and refining their practice. There will be slightly more attention to detail than in an open class, with a strong emphasis on balancing, inversions and unlocking the secrets to more ‘advanced’ postures. With the use of wall and prop work, this is a great class to empower, connect, and challenge you. You’ll always leave feeling elevated and that you’ve surpassed your personal limitations. Similar to the Jivamukti Basic classes, each week focuses on a different theme and rotates on a four week curriculum.