My yoga journey started during my pregnancy, in 2007. I was amazed at how the practice helped me achieve a much needed physical, mental and spiritual balance during this wonderful period of my life.

Afterwards I noticed that yoga was giving me something that I had always yearned for, the ability to grow into a more compassionate, strong and balanced human being. In fact the more yoga classes I took part in, the more I discovered that the discipline of yoga had the power to soothe whatever my physical, mental, and emotional state may be. For me it seemed natural that the next step would be to share my passion with others, so with this in mind I enrolled in a 100H Anusara Immersion course in Bruxelles, under the guidance of Jayendra Hanley. During this time I stumbled across Jivamukti Yoga through a workshop in, of all places, Luxembourg! My love for yoga became my passion and the practice and teachings of the Jivamukti method became my vocation. In 2014 I stepped out of the world of business to become a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. I completed my 300 hour Jivamukti Teacher Training in India in early 2015 and upon returning to Luxembourg I joined Dancing Kala Yoga Studio. In September 2016 I co-founded Yoga Palais. In March 2019 I co-founded Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg, the first official Jivamukti center in Luxembourg. I became an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher in 2019. I am grateful to my family and to my children because of their deep love and support and to my teachers Sharon Gannon, David Life, Lady Ruth and Jules Febre who inspired me and compassionately accompany me on my path.


My Yoga journey started in 1998, when a friend took me to my first yoga class during a stressful period of exams at high school. After that, I started to practise Yoga regularly.

Later, during my studies in Geography, Sociology and Ethnology in Heidelberg and Munich, I couldn’t let go of it and when I graduated, I travelled to India, eager to get to know the country where Yoga originated. There, in a Sivananda ashram in the Himalayas, I did my first Yoga teacher training course. Back in Munich, I discovered Jivamukti Yoga, in which I found my vocation and undertook Jivamukti teacher training. Since 2007, I have worked in Munich as an 800 hours certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and became an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher in 2016. In 2014 I became co-founder of Dancing Kala Yoga in Luxembourg and Yoga Palais in 2016. In March 2019 I co-founded Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg, the first official Jivamukti center in Luxembourg. Alongside my Jivamukti Yoga practice, I also took an Ashtanga teacher training course with David Swenson and Kidsyoga teacher training with Thomas Bannenberg. Furthermore, I have taken part in workshops and retreats all over the world. In tandem with this Yoga path, I studied for a PhD in Urbanism at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. I see Yoga as the best way to take care of oneself, to be stronger in every situation. Yoga gives us a feeling of security, because it helps us to be less influenced by the trivial things in life. We can become more independent through practicing Yoga, while the basis for the acceptance of ourselves as we are, with all anxieties and insecurities, is fortified. There have been many situations in my life, in which I had to make decisions either to grow and face a problem bravely or simply drop it. Yoga has helped me to make appropriate decisions, decisions more connected to myself. Through this, I have realised more clearly what I want and can easily act accordingly. In essence, Yoga gives us the rooting feeling that everything is good as it is. For this, I am grateful to all the teachers that have accompanied me to where I am now. And also to the little person who is probably my most important teacher: my daughter Lou Kali.


My name is Emilie, I’m a certified multi style yoga teacher from the Trimurti Yoga school in Goa, India. I teach a variety of different styles of yoga classes revolving around Vinyasa which means harmonizing breath with movement.

My yoga journey started long before my physical yoga practice when I learned about mindfulness through books and people I met while travelling that really opened up my eyes to what truly matters in this Universe- connection, gratitude, love, empathy, surrender, trust were among some of the most powerful things I learned and try to incorporate into my every day life to live as fully and happily as possible. I started practicing yoga religiously when I was living in Cape Town, South Africa and had a side job mopping up the floor of a hot yoga shala just so that I could practice for free in return. I found what I had been looking for all my life right there on my mat, and it has transformed and defined my life ever since. Yoga for me is an integral and holistic practice. It’s so much more than just a physical sequence of movements, it’s a philosophy and a way to live your life. My purpose is to be your guide through your yoga journey and hopefully make you discover some of the same benefits yoga has brought to my life.


Although I am grateful to have been born in the perfect bubble which is Luxembourg, I have always been passionate about traveling to discover new cultures and explore the diversity of yoga styles.

Long before becoming a teacher myself, yoga was an essential part of my life. My very first teachers were Denise Pesch and Fredric Bender from Yoga La Source in Luxembourg and they both had a strong influence on me choosing the path of yoga. In 2004, I met Michael Hamilton, a South African Ashtanga yoga teacher, in Shanghai and he inspired me to take the next step and to enroll for the Sivananda Yoga Teacher’s training in India. Years later I received my certification as a Jivamukti Yoga teacher in New York. After countless workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings, I am still under the spell of yoga. I am thankful for the precious tool of yoga, which saved my life more than once and makes me constantly grow. Diving deeper into the physical as well as the spiritual yoga practice is a never ending journey. I have been blessed to meet the most incredible and inspiring mentors, all of them influenced my own teaching enormously. Rolf Naujokat, who keeps my first love, Ashtanga yoga, alive. Dechen Thurman and Anja Kühnel, both vegan activists, introduced and awakened my love for Jivamukti Yoga. I bow down with gratitude to the founders of this method, Sharon Gannon and David Life. Cameron Shayne, creator of Budokon, taught me how to cultivate my inner warrior, to be fearless and take accountability for my acts. Duncan Wong, the most fabulous martial artist and yogi, showed me how to overcome my own limiting thoughts and believes to aim for the stars. I discovered Vipassana meditation in South Africa and it became part of my daily routine. After many years of having been a freelance yoga instructor, I created my first studio, yogaroom belair, in 2008, followed by yogaloft luxembourg in 2012. In 2016, I moved to Capetown, where I founded Exhale Yoga, a Jivamukti Yoga affiliated studio. During the years in South Africa, I set up Inhale Yoga, promoting selfless service, with a main goal to introduce yoga in local communities. I will keep the same spirit at Exhale Yoga Luxembourg and teach yoga classes on donations. In 2020, I became resident teacher at the Jivamukti school in Paris. The current health crises brought me back to my home country, where I created a new studio, Exhale Yoga, at my old address in Luxembourg-Merl. I hope to be able soon to continue organizing yoga retreats in India, South Africa and Provence. Capetown will always stay my second home, it keeps me humble. Yoga gives me the courage to BE MY SELF and the strength to make the world a better place. There are no words to express my gratitude towards my two grown up children, who remain my most important teachers and all the committed yoga practitioners who crossed my path.


My yoga Journey started when I was 29 years old, Yoga practices came to me in a time I needed it and provided me with answers I was searching back at the time. It helped me to heal, become More aware of myself and others, more aware of our environment, our planet and all living things. Yoga practices gave me the tools I was always waiting for, to better understand life and what do to with it.

Starting my yoga journey with Magali and Alexandra has been the best way for me to fully understand what yoga is, as the two of them are imbued with the teachings and are sharing them with great kindness. A few years later I decided to immerse myself into the teachings and learn more about it. Then i went to India for a month to take the Jivamukti Teacher training in Govardhan eco village. There was another breathtaking and life changing experience. I realized Yoga was far more than just the practices I knew back at the time and I fell in love with the yoga philosophy. Back in Luxembourg i started my apprenticeship with Magali and she guided me into how to teach and share all I learned with others. I design my classes following the integrative method of Jivamukti not just focusing on Asana practice ( postures ) but emphasising on philosophy, chanting, nada ( sound/music) group energy and Dhyana ( meditation ). My classes are challenging and fun as we explore our own body, breath and mind without loosing the basics to keep us grounded and aware of our place on earth.


My Yoga journey started over 10 years ago, as I was curious to discover and explore this ancient holistic Indian practice due to my travels in South East Asia, especially India where I was blessed to see and learn about wonderful places, diverse cultures and beautiful minds and people.

At the beginning I attended different yoga style classes and workshops more sporadically, during travelling or in my hometown. With more regular practice, I was fascinated to feel rising the connection between the body, the mind, the breath and the spirit . The physical, spiritual and mystical aspects of yoga and the benefits gained helped me embracing a true transforming self-journey, establishing more inner peace, balance and compassion, incorporating meditation practices and chanting, growing physically and mentally strength. Yoga turned in a way of life which inspires me every day until now to live in the present moment. Honoring my breathing and bringing my focus and awareness to a conscious mindful breath. The real impact of yoga practice starts the moment I leave my mat and experience how positively it challenges my life purpose, leading me to new paths. In 2017 I was introduced to Jivamukti Yoga and was enthusiastic about the method including setting intentions, a strong physical dynamic practice with music, beautifully integrated with ancient yogic wisdom texts, mantras chanting, meditation and spiritual teachings. In 2018 I completed my first 200-hour Hatha Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Indonesia with East and West. In early 2019 I completed my 300-hour Jivamukti Teacher Training at Govardhan Eco Village in India. Followed by the 800-hour Apprenticeship Program with my Mentor Magali Lehners . In 2020 I completed my 50-hour Yin Yoga & Meridians Yoga Alliance Teacher Training with Annie Au Yoga. I will always be a student of the practice and deeply grateful for the inspiring knowledge and loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me. In my classes, I take care of the specific needs of each student, guiding them and bringing their awareness into the conscious breath in harmony with the movement and proper alignment. I inspire and motivate all my students to support each other, feeling grounded and connected with themselves, creating space within the mind and body to release tension and inviting joy, peace, happiness, physical well-being, strength and an open heart. My intention is to allow them to carry all the sensations, learnings and insights experienced on the mat off the mat into daily life, leading to new opportunities and visions to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Simply live life more beautifully.


I discovered yoga in the thirties, not early enough but not too late either, just at the moment when she needed it the most. I entered my first yoga class, without expectations, looking rather for a way to work through my anxieties and calm my overactive mind. Soon I realised that my way to a quieter mind passed through a physically challenging practice that allowed me to stay grounded and connect to the present moment. I was immediately fascinated by the empowering and liberating effect that coscious movement and breath can have on my mental and emotional state.

Over the years and through many ups and downs, yoga gave me the courage and to be who I really am and the strength to live a life more in tune with my values, to turn my gaze inwards and undertake a journey of self discovery while at the same time viewing the world with more compassion, tolerance and softness. It triggered in me the curiosity to learn, to open up to new experiences, to reach out, to connect It taught me that is important to know when it is time to pursue and when it is time to leg go and surrender. Some years later I enrolled for a yoga class in a style that I had never heard of before, jivamukti, and that proved to me a transformative experience. In Jivamukti I discovered all the elements that make yoga a truly holistic practice: mantra chanting, meditation, inspirational dharma talks linking the ancient yogic wisdom to the challenges of modern life and a powrful, carefully cued asana practice. Wanting to expand my knowledge of yoga, I undertook my first teacher training in vinyasa flow with Yogaworks in Bali in 2018 and soon after I enrolled for the 75-hour JTT in Barcelona, followed by the 300-hour JTT. In 2021 I started my JTAP in Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg under the mentorship of Alexandra Colombo. I am grateful to all the teachers who I have met on my Jivamukti path and beyond and hope to be able to tramsit my love and appreciation for yoga to my students while staying an eternal an humble student of yoga myself.



Anastasia is a 300h certified Jivamukti teacher, based in Luxembourg.

She was born in Belarus, but lived in Luxembourg long enough to be Luxembourgish and call Luxembourg home. She has started her yoga journey in 2009 taking Sivananda yoga classes and has explored great many yoga styles since then. Nastassia has been practicing Vinyasa flow, Yin and Jivamukti methods that have strongly influenced her teaching style.

Francesca Matteucci

My name is Francesca and I am a Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior certified teacher.
I was born in a family farm in Italy, enjoying my youth among apricots, cherries, peaches and other delicious mediterranean fruits and vegetables. I grew up observing seasons, which rooted in me a special respect and love for Nature, even when I moved to big cities for universitary studies and work.

My yoga journey started in 2018, when I was searching for some mind and body relief from demanding roles at work and after challenging years as a runner. Seed by seed, through the Yoga practice, I started perceiving something more growing beyond the physical asanas. And one day I was so surprised by feeling at home during a Jivamukti Yoga class that I decided to deep dive into the method and take my first teacher training with the 75 hours Spiritual Warrior certification. It was like an answer I was looking for a while, warmly hugged in particular by three words I met soon along the funders’ texts: Nature, Compassion, Connection. If we succeed to re-connect to the great teacher Nature, to be kind towards the others, to seeing ourselves in all beings, wouldn’t that be magic? Infinitely grateful to the Universe if I can contribute to spread yoga and love.


My name is Romane. Sporty and passionate about nature since always, it was obvious for me to chose to study to become a fitness coach.

Being a fitness coach represents for me the best way to participate in the common effort to improve the lives of individuals and society in general, while allowing me to share my passion for sport and its importance for everyone's mental and physical health. My background? After 8 years of competition in gymnastics I practiced two years of handball. Today I specialize in fitness classes: muscle strengthening (specific to yoga and others...), circuit training, step, stretching... It's the entertainment side of group lessons that always appeals to me, I'm made of that! So whatever your age, your level or your physical condition is, it is with great pleasure that I will pass on to you my energy and my passion for fitness.