Tina Drepandioti

I discovered yoga in the thirties, not early enough but not too late either, just at the moment when she needed it the most. I entered my first yoga class, without expectations, looking rather for a way to work through my anxieties and calm my overactive mind. Soon I realised that my way to a quieter mind passed through a physically challenging practice that allowed me to stay grounded and connect to the present moment. I was immediately fascinated by the empowering and liberating effect that coscious movement and breath can have on my mental and emotional state.

Over the years and through many ups and downs, yoga gave me the courage and to be who I really am and the strength to live a life more in tune with my values, to turn my gaze inwards and undertake a journey of self discovery while at the same time viewing the world with more compassion, tolerance and softness. It triggered in me the curiosity to learn, to open up to new experiences, to reach out, to connect It taught me that is important to know when it is time to pursue and when it is time to leg go and surrender.
Some years later I enrolled for a yoga class in a style that I had never heard of before, jivamukti, and that proved to me a transformative experience. In Jivamukti I discovered all the elements that make yoga a truly holistic practice: mantra chanting, meditation, inspirational dharma talks linking the ancient yogic wisdom to the challenges of modern life and a powrful, carefully cued asana practice.
Wanting to expand my knowledge of yoga, I undertook my first teacher training in vinyasa flow with Yogaworks in Bali in 2018 and soon after I enrolled for the 75-hour JTT in Barcelona, followed by the 300-hour JTT. In 2021 I started my JTAP in Jivamukti Yoga Luxembourg under the mentorship of Alexandra Colombo. I am grateful to all the teachers who I have met on my Jivamukti path and beyond and hope to be able to tramsit my love and appreciation for yoga to my students while staying an eternal an humble student of yoga myself.