Sophie Billon

I discovered yoga when i was a little girl through my father who was practicing headstand every morning next to the kitchen table when i was eating breakfast.


Life went on and i reconnected with yoga in my late twenties as lucky « guinea pig » for a friend who was doing a yoga teacher training. As former swimmer and triathlet, i initially felt attracted to strong physical yoga practices. I spent many  hours practicing jivamukti yoga with Magali and Steph when they created the Dancing Kala Studio in 2014 in Luxembourg.

Over time, i discovered and experimented other yoga practices  including yin, nidra, pranayama and meditation.

In 2020, life forced me into a  deep self reflection process which resulted into embarking on the 300 hours Parayoga Master Training. Since  2021, i study with Rod Stryker, one of the world’s leading yoga and meditation teachers, and  founder of Parayoga.

Yoga helps me to connect to myself and handle life and the world in a more peace & joyfull way. Amazed by the effects of yoga practice on body, energy and mind, i naturally feel like to share the teachings that i received which will hopefully empower other practionners  in their lifes.

Besides being passionate about yoga, i am a qualified lawyer and happy to work for the development of the EU. I am also a mother of two teenagers and a true nature lover. When i am not on my mat, i am very likely to BE in the forest with my dog.