Petra Maulova

My name is Petra, a Czech living in Luxembourg for more than a decade but with half of my heart and family in Italy. Combining the above with a love for different cultures and languages, my classes are definitely for all. As I strive to create a better version of myself everyday, I offer this experience also to my students. I believe in “imperfection is perfection” and uplift the students on their path to a joyful yoga practice, supporting them in getting out of their comfort zone.


In 2018 I completed my 300 hrs Jivamukti teacher training in Costa Rica and have been teaching since then. I discovered yoga as a teenager in my hometown where I took my first vinyasa class. The connection of breath and movement caught me so much that I longed to find a dynamic yet complete yoga practice having it all. After trying various styles, Jivamukti yoga stole my heart.

I love chanting, playing harmonium and the sound of Tibetan bowls which you will hear in my classes. Yoga included, I am inspired by holistic healing and various self-development disciplines and I enjoy sharing these different bits and bites of my knowledge with students.