Jeremy Buchet

My yoga Journey started when I was 29 years old, Yoga practices came to me in a time I needed it and provided me with answers I was searching back at the time. It helped me to heal, become More aware of myself and others, more aware of our environment, our planet and all living things. Yoga practices gave me the tools I was always waiting for, to better understand life and what do to with it.

Starting my yoga journey with Magali and Alexandra has been the best way for me to fully understand what yoga is, as the two of them are imbued with the teachings and are sharing them with great kindness.
A few years later I decided to immerse myself into the teachings and learn more about it. Then i went to India for a month to take the Jivamukti Teacher training in Govardhan eco village. There was another breathtaking and life changing experience. I realized Yoga was far more than just the practices I knew back at the time and I fell in love with the yoga philosophy.
Back in Luxembourg i started my apprenticeship with Magali and she guided me into how to teach and share all I learned with others. I design my classes following the integrative method of Jivamukti not just focusing on Asana practice ( postures ) but emphasising on philosophy, chanting, nada ( sound/music) group energy and Dhyana ( meditation ). My classes are challenging and fun as we explore our own body, breath and mind without loosing the basics to keep us grounded and aware of our place on earth.