Emilie Dittberner

My name is Emilie, I’m a certified multi style yoga teacher from the Trimurti Yoga school in Goa, India. I teach a variety of different styles of yoga classes revolving around Vinyasa which means harmonizing breath with movement.

My yoga journey started long before my physical yoga practice when I learned about mindfulness through books and people I met while travelling that really opened up my eyes to what truly matters in this Universe- connection, gratitude, love, empathy, surrender, trust were among some of the most powerful things I learned and try to incorporate into my every day life to live as fully and happily as possible.

I started practicing yoga religiously when I was living in Cape Town, South Africa and had a side job mopping up the floor of a hot yoga shala just so that I could practice for free in return. I found what I had been looking for all my life right there on my mat, and it has transformed and defined my life ever since.

Yoga for me is an integral and holistic practice. It’s so much more than just a physical sequence of movements, it’s a philosophy and a way to live your life.

My purpose is to be your guide through your yoga journey and hopefully make you discover some of the same benefits yoga has brought to my life.