Yoga in the Forest with Magali & Sophie: Asana, Pranayama & Meditation
Sunday 21st July: 15:00-16:30 (25 €)

Yoga in the Forest with Magali & Sophie: Asana, Pranayama & Meditation

Reconnect with nature through an immersive yoga experience in the forest. This unique class combines the physical postures of asana, the breath control of pranayama, and the tranquility of meditation to help you achieve a peaceful state of mind. Surrounded by the sights, sounds, and scents of the natural world, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and rejuvenation as you strengthen your body and calm your mind.

Class Highlights:
• Nature Connection: The serene forest environment helps you reconnect with nature, reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being. The Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or ‘forest bathing,’ has been shown to lower stress hormones, and combining this with yoga enhances these benefits.
• Grounding Experience: Fresh air, the sounds of birds and insects, and the feel of the earth beneath your feet bring you into the present moment. This grounding experience not only clears your mind but also fosters a deeper commitment to environmental preservation.
• Holistic Wellness: Stepping away from screens, moving your body, and soaking up natural sunlight are powerful ways to reduce anxiety and improve your overall perspective. Practicing yoga outdoors ticks all these boxes, offering a holistic approach to wellness.
Location: Bambesch Parking Laftreff
What to Bring:
• Yoga mat
• Comfortable, layered clothing (extra layers can provide additional cushioning and support)

We will begin our practice as soon as we enter the natural space by walking mindfully and focusing on our breath. We will allow the sounds around us to help separate our mind from daily concerns, and practice releasing thoughts as they arise.

Join us for a transformative yoga session in the forest, where you can let go of your anxieties, uplift your spirit, and reconnect with the environment in a meaningful way.

Enrollments via our website, Mindbody App

In case the weather is not good, we will teach the class at the studio or you can have a credit for another class.