Backbends : Ashtanga style with Gillian Cahill
Saturday 18/05/2024: 14:15-16:15 (50€)

Backbends – whether you absolutely love them or they scare your spine straight this is a workshop for you. We will work methodically through the anatomy and functionality of the backbends found in the Ashtanga primary and second series. Most importantly, the workshop will take you through special techniques and tips that will allow you to access much greater freedom, space and breath in your backbends no matter what level you are starting from. So whether you are trying to catch you heels in kapotasana or hoping to one day push up into a full wheel come join us and see how yoga truly makes the impossible possible.

Enrollments via our website, Mindbody App

Cancellation Policy: 48h with credit back on Mindbody account (no refund).