Kirtan with Petros Haffenrichter
Friday 8/11/23: 20:30-21:30 (for free)

A universal song infinitely plays through all existence. It’s the song of divinity, of creation as a celestial celebration. This song can be heard within our hearts if we carefully listen. The notes it consists of are the divine sounds and sound-patterns. By invoking this divine mood we sanctify all our thoughts, words and deeds. Music is the Key to a deeper understanding of Life.
Petros Haffenrichter, multi-instrumetalist, singer, lifelong student and teacher of sound, movement, color and thought has produced and performed a variety of musical approaches. From world-music, electronca to modal music, through compositions for meditation and contemplation to indian devotional chanting. He has been performing with different projects all over the globe for the past 20 years.